You may have been looking at your furnace recently and thinking of the last time you serviced it. That is okay because I have done that too and you may not remember. So why not make now the time that you end up keeping track of that? It is really a good thing for you too and it may even end up saving you some money. So I would say that every in the springtime would be a good time to service your unit. This is due to it being used a lot in the winter time and it may need some care. Hopefully, this has given you an idea about how often you should service your furnace.

Why You Need A Service

There may e dup being a lot of different reasons why you will end up needing to have a service. One of them would be if your unit is lacking in its performance. Another one of those would be if you have noticed it making different noises. Also if you have noticed your energy bill start to skyrocket then this may be a sign something is wrong. Then you may be faced with your unit just wanting to turn and work and it just won’t. You could even be at the end of your lifespan with your unit and need it to hang on for just a little bit longer. These are a handful of reasons why you may need to service your unit.

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Different Furnaces

There are so many different types of furnaces that you are able to choose from. There are also four of them that are going to be the main ones. One of them would be the gas unit and you may have that at your home. Then you can even end up having an electric unit as well. Plus keep in mind they do have propane units. Let’s not forget about the awesome oil units that you may end up loving. So as you can see you really do have a good amount of options for you to choose from.

Furnace Parts

There are many different parts that will incorporate into a furnace and here are some of them. You have your thermocouple and pilot light. Then after that, you also have your flame sensor. As well as your hot surface ignitor too. Keep in mind there will also be your gas valve and the burners. There is the heat exchanger and the draft inducer motor too. So as you can tell there can be a variety of parts that may end up going bad within your very own unit.

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Finding Replacement Parts

If you are on the hunt to have some replacement parts then you should know your unit and type. There are a few different types as I have gone over with you previously. Then it is smart to find out if the model is newer or older. Also the older it is the harder it will be for you to find new parts for it. Plus if you are not able to find those parts you may need to bite the bullet and get a new unit. It may be the only way but think about it as you may have needed to replace it eventually. Also, I would suggest using a local company or a store to find the part that you need.

Maintaining Your Unit

There are a lot of different ways for you to maintain your unit. That is because you may need to maintain a few different parts. Plus you will definitely want to keep your unit very clean. If not then you may end up having some very bad build-up. When things tend to build up it can ruin your unit. Then you may really end up being in some very big trouble. So I would recommend that you just take some time out of your day and do some maintenance every year.

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Why Furnaces Are Important

There are so many reasons for a furnace to be important. The main one would be to heat up your home. That which ends up heating you up and everyone that lives with you. Also, your beloved animals will have some heat as well. Then it is nice to have a heated home when you are sick. If you have ever lived in a place that did not have any heat then you know how rough it can be. Even someone that likes the col such as myself I am happy when I get to come home to a nice warm place.


There are many things that we have gone over when it comes to how often to service the furnace and the many things that would entail. Also, you do know why it is important for you to do some servicing too. Then you know about the different types of furnaces that there are. Keep in mind that you have some knowledge of the furnace parts. Then you can even end up finding some replacement parts of your very own. Also, you have some idea of how you will maintain your unit. So you know why a furnace is important all in itself.