There are a few different types of furnace codes and there are ways of figuring them all out. One of them would be seeing if they are blinking or not. There are so many different types of codes when it comes to furnaces too. There are many other things to consider like the larger units. When you have a commercial unit you may also consider what those codes may entail as well. 

Then keep in mind if you have a gas model or an electric model furnace. This can help you start to find out the differences between the furnace codes.

Reading The Codes

 If they are blinking then you may want to count if the blinking is fast or if it is slow. After that, you will want to count how many times it appears to be blinking. When you have gathered your information then you will be able to decipher some things. Also know that different furnace models will have their different codes too. Be sure to look out for a red light when you do your reading as well. You should know that there are green colors for your code reading too. So this knowledge should help guide you toward your goal. 

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Trouble Shooting

When your unit will blink slowly it will signify that your unit is healthy. If it will blink several or more times then you know you have a problem on your hands. One key thing that you will want to do is see if the unit is getting any power first off. Then check to see if your breaker is on or has been tripped. See if you have any damage or corrosion on your wires. Something else that you can do would be to check how many times your model has blinked and found out what model you have. These are some good ways to help you troubleshoot your problems. 

Different Furnace Types

There are so many different kinds of models when it comes to having a furnace unit. There are some really good gas-fired furnaces that you may have. One other model could even be some oil-fired furnaces in your home. There are also some other waste oil furnaces that you may end up having too. Keep in mind that there are some duel fuel furnaces too. Remember that You could have an electric furnace to yourself as well too. Then let’s not forget about the wood-fueled furnaces that you could have at your home.

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Gauging The Problem

There are so many different problems that could be going on with your furnace as well. You may have a lot of different blockages with your vents. One other thing could even be that you may have a gasoline supply issue. If you smell some gasoline you may have a leaking gas valve or even a pipe too. Then you may even have a gasoline igniter problem which may be causing you some headaches as well. One other issue would be that the valve may even be closing too slowly as well. These are some ways to help you gauge some of your problems. 

Replacement Parts

There are many different parts that consist of a furnace unit which you may have to end up replacing. These parts will be having a pilot light that you may end up replacing. One other part could even be something like the thermocouple too. Also along the lines of a hot surface ignitor may end up going bad. Then there may even be the flame sensor that is dying out on you. One other common part that ends up dying out is the gas valves too. Then make sure that all of your burners are staying intact and have died on your either. 

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Installing New Parts

There will come a time when you will have to install some of your new parts on your model. When this happens you should definitely turn off your breaker. Also, get out the correct tools you may need and get some other safety materials. Be sure to have some thick gloves when you are handling the metal. Plus keep in mind you may also have to have someone else come out and install the different parts. You can do some things that can help the installer that ends up coming out. This would be making sure they have a lot of space to work with and all safety measures have been taken. 


It is very important that you will look for a furnace code when you are having some issues. Also, keep in mind that there are a few different ways that you can read the codes of the unit too. Then you will have to do some troubleshooting of your very own on your model. Plus there are so many different kinds of furnaces and model types. Then you may tend to be gauging the problems that these codes will send off. Keep in mind of the replacement parts you will need to get your hands on too. There are a lot of different parts you will have to install or have someone else install for you as well.